Friday, January 2, 2009

CT scan

Today was Wyatt's trip to the hospital for his CT Scan. Although he was VERY nervous, it wasn't bad at all. The technician that set it all up and everything was super nice and really helped him feel comfortable. It was a great reassurance when Mark (the tech) told Wyatt I could stay by the table and hold his hand. So I got to sport a radiation shield while the big donut took pictures of Wyatt's head and sinuses.

Because you have to remain completely still for the images to show anything, they put his head in a rest that had sides. Mark then put little pillows on both sides of Wyatt's head to keep it even more still. And to remind Wyatt not to move his head up or down, Mark taped his head to the rest.

Most of the time Wyatt just closed his eyes, but toward the end he thought he'd take a peek. The big donut sounded like a jet engine (but thankfully not that loud) while taking the image. There weren't even any lights to help entertain!

All was done in a matter of minutes. Mark said that they'd send the images to Dr. Rana by this afternoon. So now we just wait for his appointment with her on the 12th. I can't wait to hear what's going on in his head!!!


Amy said...

good job Wyatt! good luck ont he 12th.... i hate waiting for appts. like that....

teresa said...

Way to go Wyatt....awesome job!!
Love you..