Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunday Stamping

Wyatt asked me the other day why I'm always stamping. I told him because I love to do it and because the ladies that come over during the month like to make things too. So he asked if he could do some stamping, and the other 2 wanted to join in too.

I have a couple of stamp sets that I allow the boys to use. They're usually holiday classics that I'll likely never part with, so it doesn't matter how much ink ends up all over the wooden blocks that the rubber is mounted onto.

I just have to watch out for ink contamination!!! Travis is really good at getting it all over his hands and then touching EVERYTHING. I have to keep wipes handy and remind all of them to only use one color at a time.

Notice the passy? I want to throw those things away, but I realize my life would be very unendurable if I did. We've got to do some weaning!!!


Tulsi said...

My kids loved to stamp when they were little. My girls still like to when they have projects. Kass would if they were out. I haven't stamped in years.

shortino said...

this must be jake's favorite activity, too.