Tuesday, March 17, 2009


WARNING: He's cute, but looks can be deceiving!

OK, so today has been one of those days where I wonder if my sanity will hold up! To start off, I woke up tired... ever have those days? But I went ahead and worked out anyway. Of course while I was on the treadmill, Travis got mad at something and decided to throw the VSmile. (He's getting really good at throwing electronics - our Wii is broken now since he threw it a couple of weeks ago.)

So the VSmile wouldn't work and Wyatt had to have a fit. I spent a good 10 minutes jiggling wires and hitting the box trying to make it work. Thankfully I got it working again despite the fact that neither boy thanked me for my efforts - such as life as a mom!!!

My next objective was to get showered and ready for my meeting at church for Girls Camp. Apparently while I was in the bathroom, Travis climbed onto the counter (I still haven't figured out how) and got my purse. Last night I had a $5 bill in there which happened to vanish sometime this morning. I also had lipstick EVERYWHERE! Yes, the lipstick monster had struck again! There were globs on the prescription for Wyatt's medicine and the Costco receipt that Jake needs to be reimbursed at church.

I was HOT! I got everyone in the van and nearly pealed out of the garage. I stopped at Chick-fil-A to get a drink - that's when I found out I couldn't find my $5! So I used the debit card - and apparently we have NO money in our account! It was great to put $1.69 on the Discover card!!!

We got to church - everyone in 1 piece. We decided to have our meeting in the High Council room since the missionaries were having meetings throughout the rest of the building. I love camp meetings because it gives us a chance to get a glimpse at what is planned as well as to make suggestions about things. Well not today!!! I had to leave the room so many times to run after Travis who decided he needed to be in the gym - where they were setting up lunch for the missionaries!!! After many scoldings that didn't seem to take effect, he decided to get into the pot of the ficus tree in the waiting area of the Stake wing. Yup, there was Spanish moss EVERYWHERE!!! You think I'm kidding? Lauren had so much in her hair you'd think she'd been in a barn with hay... there was so much stuff on the floor that it was ridiculous... there were balls of moss all over where he had been throwing it... and it was time for me to take Wyatt to school so all I could do was throw it back in the pot and leave! Ugh!

Great times! Some days I wonder why I even leave the house! And then it occurs to me that I would go insane if I had to stay couped up in the house with a curious and crazy 2-year-old!!!


teresa said...

and all that before 11:00 !! But you're right...he is a cutie!

Carol Currence said...

Wow! You did have quite a day! I really feel for you and I wish I could say that it won't happen again, but you and I both know that is not the truth. So hang in there girl and this too shall pass. Are we still getting together so I can learn about card making? I love your other blog spot. You are soooo creative!! Call me when you get in town.

shortino said...

I would have taken some water from home. No need to pay $1.69 for a drink.

TEE HEE! This is the type of comment that Ginnie LOVES.