Monday, April 13, 2009


Oh it would be nice to post some pictures, but I forgot to take the camera to Lynchburg this weekend and Mom is still trying to send me the pictures we took with her camera. So here's a recap of what happened.

The boys were out of school on Friday for Spring Break. We packed up and headed to Lynchburg to see Grammy and Grandpa Shorter. Jake stayed behind because he was the only one at work on Friday, had the Stake Easter Open House on Saturday and YM on Sunday. The boys didn't care if Daddy was there or not because Grandpa was home for the weekend.

Unfortunately the 4-wheeler conked out within hours of arriving at the house. Of course it didn't keep the boys out of the woods. I'm surprised we didn't catch any ticks, but on Sunday Brad and Wyatt caught a turtle. Poor thing was so traumatized despite the boys' best efforts to give him the comforts of home.

The Easter Bunny visited the Shorter house on Saturday morning (it's a tradition that started when we were kids to keep the sugar high to Saturday rather than before church on Sunday!) The boys got baskets with some eggs - one included quarters, sidewalk chalk and the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Of course there was an egg hunt, which Travis wasn't too interested in after finding the first egg with candy in it.

Overall it was a great weekend. We had fun and look forward to the next visit.

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