Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tailgate Party

The first evening that I was there, we headed to the Scentsy Success tailgate party. Scentsy Success is the company that sells us our business materials, tshirts, etc. We played games, won prizes, had hotdogs, shopped all of the old inventory, etc. There was a dunk machine at the back of the building where we could win prizes for dunking whoever in the tank. They were giving out shirts that all but one of us on our team had. In order for us to each have our own, our director, Angela jumped in the tank. Yup, she's crazy!

KellyAnne, one of our team members, ready to throw a ball at the target!

Angela waits to be hit and dunked!!!

She had to ride back to the hotel all wet. We were in Layton and had to get back to Salt Lake --- about a 20 minute drive.

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