Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad Dream

OK, so I had one of those helpless feelings the other night when Wyatt came in to our room saying he had a bad dream. Obviously he was shaken up because he was kinda doing the sob thing. Due to the darkness and that I'm blind without glasses or contacts, I couldn't see if there were tears, I just knew that the sounds were not of the norm.

I tried to calm him and walked him back to his room. There he got back into bed but wasn't excited about going back to sleep. It was in the light of the night light in their room that I saw he had been crying. Man! What do you say? What do you do? I said something lame about how it hardly ever happens that you have the same dream twice and that he ought to be OK to go back to sleep (it was the middle of the night and I didn't know what to do, forgive me!)

After a bit of hesitation he asked if he could watch TV until he felt better to go to sleep. After looking at the clock and seeing it was only 2am I wasn't thrilled to let him but knew if I didn't he likely wouldn't go back to bed. I told him he could watch TV, but not all night. He needed to try to sleep so he could be ready for school in the morning.

I guess he realized there is NOTHING on TV at that time of night. Jake said when he got up in the morning that Wyatt was in his bed. Obviously he went back to sleep, but I'm sure he wasn't thrilled about it.

After Jake prodded him a bit he finally told us what his dream was about. He dreamed that our house was blown up with dynamite and that we all died. OK, that makes for a nightmare! I think he's been watching a few too many of my shows with me - Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Bones, etc. Maybe Wyatt needs to lay off the adult shows and stick to Sponge Bob and stuff to make it easier for him to sleep. As for me, I need to figure out better ways to console my children when they need me. I'm definitely not the gushy type of parent, but I hope that my boys don't feel ripped off in the comfort department!!!


shortino said...

Ginnie says she needs to stop watching those types of shows for similar reasons... imagine how it goes for the Wy-guy.

Ginnie said...

Yeah, I was just thinking that while reading your post. Man, those shows give me the creepy dreams, too. And I'm not really a gushy mom, either. I feel like they should kind of suck it up, but I'm discovering I have a softer spot for Charlotte. Cause she's a girl?

Anyway, sorry for your situation! Hope Wyatt feels better about sleeping in the future. Tell him I get nightmares from those shows too! I've really had to stop watching them.