Friday, October 9, 2009

First Big School Project

Brad has completed his first science project.  They are studying different environments and animals that live in those environments.  Each child was to create a diorama of an animal in its habitat.  Brad chose the Sumatran Tiger.

The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of all of the tigers and lives in the rain forest of Indonesia.  They have webbing between their toes so that they can swim better. 
Did you know that all tigers live near water?  All are swimmers and enjoy being in the water.  Did you know that tigers have more than 100 stripes each?

Brad wanted to have a waterfall present for his water feature in the rain forest.  Notice the wild boar that the tiger has captured???  It has red permanent marker on its neck for blood.

We had fun making this project.  I hope all are this enjoyable - ha!


Life Happens said...

Wow, that looks great! How fun! He better get an A on it!

teresa said...

The finished project looks really cool! Brad, I'm sure you (and Mom) will get an A+ !!

Becky said...

Dioramas are sooo fun to make! I wish one of my teachers would give us an assignment to make a diorama.

shortino said...

That tiger certainly does not have 100 stripes. B+ at best. mwuhahahah!

Michelle Meiners said...

Totally random comment years later... what did you use to make waterfall? My son needs to make a similar version for kindergarten project. Thanks in advance!