Thursday, October 22, 2009

Game 1 of Fall Tournament

Last night was the first game of the Winchester Baseball Fall Season Tournament.
Our game was at 5:30pm against the Royal Blue team.  We had played them a few times throughout the season with them winning some and us winning some.  I admit they were probably our biggest competition with one power hitter and some fairly good fielders.

The first inning the Royals got 5 runs and then we were up to bat.  Because the score board was on and they were announcing, I think it made some of our team a bit nervous.  But our boys pulled out an equal 5 runs.  The next inning was 3 up, 3 down for both teams... and then we got to the third inning.  It was a doozie.  Jake was nervous!  Heather and I (we work in the dugout with the boys) were biting our nails too.  We had a lot to make up.  Thankfully in the fourth inning we fielded 3 outs quickly.  We were last to bat.  We needed 5 runs to win the game.  

We started at the top of the line up.  Brad hit clean up and we got a couple of runs in with some of our other good hitters too.  Then Wyatt was up to bat.  There was only one other player to hit after Wyatt - only 2 more chances to get another run in!!!  Wyatt busted the ball and brought our winning run in.  The game was over!

Tonight we play the winner of the 7pm game last night.  Unless our boys are off in La-La land, we should win easily against either of the teams that won.

Wish us luck!


shortino said...

I hope there was a dogpile on top of Wyatt.

teresa said...

WoooHoooo!! Way to go! Sounds like it was a great game!