Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday

Mom and I weren't as crazy this year.  We slept in and didn't hit the stores until 6am!!! 
First we ran to Target where I got most of the rest of our Christmas shopping done.  I even ran into a surprise to share with Santa for Travis.  It was great!  I also got a few movies: The Proposal (hillarious!), Black Knight and P.S. I Love You.
Next we ventured to Kohls.  Wow!  I only needed 2 items and knew exactly where they'd be so I dropped Ma off at the front of the store and mosied around to find a parking space.  I got lucky and wasn't far from the store.  I then got what I needed and jumped in line --- all the way back at Customer Service.  Yes, the line wound all the way to the front of the store - CRAZY!  Mom got things here and there and checked in with me to drop off loot.  She made out better at Kohls with her good deal on the Dyson vacuum and other things.

Later in the day we went to pick out a tree.  Usually we go to a Tree Farm and cut one down, but this year we decided to save money by buying a pre-cut tree at Home Depot.  We usually have to settle for a pine because the firs are so expensive --- and we still spend $35 to $40.  This year we got a decent sized fir and spent less than $25.  Wohoo!

Where is Travis?

There he is!

Travis is VERY excited for Christmas.  When he and I were at Mom and Dad's last weekend he saw some wrapped gifts.  Mom told him they were for Maddie and Ian.  Later he found a stack of other presents and asked about them.  I told him that Grammy said they were for him and Brad, Wyatt and Cameron.  He clapped his hands and said, "Yay, Christmas!"

When we bought the tree, we set it up and left it in the garage for a few hours so the limbs could relax.  After a nap, Daddy decided to bring the tree from the garage through the front door.  As he was bringing it down the hall Travis squealed, "Yay, Christmas!"


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