Thursday, January 21, 2010

We're almost there...

Travis is 3 1/2 now, and it's time to start wearing big-boy underwear.  Our other 2 were potty trained just passed age 3, but Travis has decided to be the little one a bit longer than necessary.  He decided that it's more important to go to preschool than wear diapers.

Thanks to Uncle Clay and Aunt Jess, we have a great plan for Travis...  Madison has been earning cars from the movie Cars as she goes to the bathroom in the potty.  We decided to adopt the exact motivation for Travis since it's his favorite movie.  It's worked like a charm!

Each time he pee-pees in the potty, he gets a sticker.  If he poops in the potty he gets 3 stickers.  When he has 10 stickers on his chart, he gets to pick out a new car.  Here are the ones he's earned so far...

I ordered Sally off ebay since she's so hard to come across in the stores.  Both Lightening McQueen and Chick are color changers.  And Leak Less and Guido are extra fun ones to add to the collection.

Next ones to earn are Mater, the Hudson Hornet and a normal Chick Hicks.

Thanks to Grammy who has contributed a couple of cars for bribery! :)

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