Monday, June 7, 2010

Camping in Gettysburg - Day 1

We took a long weekend getaway to Gettysburg PA. 

We camped at the Granite Hill Resort not far from the main part of town. When we got there, the place was busy!  There were RVs and campers everywhere.  After going to our original campsite and nearly getting stuck in the mud, we decided to camp in the grassy tent area instead.  It was less muddy and a bit more accomodating since the bathrooms weren't too far away.

We set up our tents and canopy and then it decided to rain.  We stuck around camp for the rest of the day.  The boys played in one of the play areas.  We cooked tinfoil dinners.  We sang a belated Happy Brithday to Brad.  We played shuffleboard.  Nana and PawPaw locked their keys in the truck so we waited for a Locksmith.  We listened to some groovin' Elvis music and saw the King too!

Here is a view of the end of the canopy over the eating area, past Nana and PawPaw's tent, and to the truck.  We got 2 campsites side by side so that we could spread out a bit.

The boys threw tennis balls to each other while waiting for dinner to be done.

Nana made Brad a big cookie for his birthday.  Yes it's nearly a month late, but we didn't see them until now.

Shuffleboard was fun.  Wyatt got a bit aggravated because he couldn't send the round thing down the course very far, but the rest of us enjoyed it a bit.  I can't remember who won because the scores fluctuated so much at each turn.

And here is a picture of the King.  (I have no idea who that lady is, I just wanted a shot of Elvis!)
The facility put on a sock hop and he was the source of good ol' music.  We jammed to Sweet Caroline, In the Ghetto, and other oldies but goodies.

We all slept pretty well despite the muggy weather.  I think everything around camp was a bit damp.  Kinda nasty, but what can ya do?  We survived and all was well.

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