Friday, June 11, 2010

Ghost Hunters

Our family loves to watch the show Ghost Hunters.  Gettysburg has lots of "Ghost Walks" but there was only one company that seemed to have actual ghost hunts.  So we signed on for the family tour. 

Our tour began at 7:30, so it wasn't even dark yet.  But we had 2 members of the Gettysburg Paranormal Association with us.  They taught us how to use the equipment that included KII meters, temperature guages, EMF detectors, a shadow light, and of course a camera.  Each person on the tour got to hold a piece of equipment to help with the investigation.

We headed to Culp's field which is behind the local school.  We went into the woods a bit but didn't find any activity.  It wasn't until we went to the edge of the property that we started to have some signs...

This is a picture that I took with our camera.  Orbs are a typical showing in pictures in areas of Gettysburg.  It was quite exciting that we caught something on our own camera though. 

This picture is a little harder to see what I'm showing, but if you look at the tree on the right, you'll notice it looks like light beams filtering over it...  To be truthful it could easily be our piece of junk camera that caused a blurry area, but I took another picture in this exact place just seconds before and there wasn't a blurry part.  This is the area that I spent a lot of time with the temperature guage.  I kept getting temperature dips from 68* down to 41*.  One of the investigators spent some time with me analyzing the area but we couldn't see anything or find why we'd get such a drastic drop in temp.  It wasn't until I developed the pictures that I found out why it all seemed to happen.

While we were all walking around and investigating, Travis was picking up sticks and doing his own thing.  At one point he threw a stick and it hit Jake.  So Jake looked up at him and Travis was standing stone still with a blank look on his face for a short period of time.  Suddenly he broke out into inconsolable crying like he had been scared.  Nana tried to calm him down but he wouldn't stop crying.  I finally went over and got him and he clung to me and wouldn't let me put him down for anything.  I resumed my investigation with him plastered to me.
(The tour guide that was with us said he saw the same thing that Jacob did.  He mentioned that spiritual manifestations are usually more apparent to younger people. ???  Did Travis see something???)
The next night when we were at some friends' house for dinner and relaxing, Travis climbed on my lap and clung to me saying he wanted to go home because he was scared.  I asked if he was afraid he'd see what he did on our ghost hunt and he said yes.  If we ask him, he says he saw something, but he won't tell us what it was!

The last thing that happened was with a camera.  I had taken the company's camera to snap shots here and there.  At one point the battery was full and drained to nothing and shut the camera off.  I asked the lead investigator if he had new batteries in there and he said that he had replaced them just before we went out.  I told him they had drained and he smiled.  Often if a spirit is trying to manifest itself it will try to draw energy from any electronic device in the area.  When I walked away from that spot, they camera came back on with full battery status.  This same thing happened two more times as I was walking around taking pictures.  It was quite cool!

We each received a certificate of participation.  I have to say it was a fun hour!  Jake and I would like to go back and do the tour meant for those that are 12 and older.  It's a longer investigation and they take you to creepier places that have lots of paranormal manifestations. 
In about a week, we should be able to see any other findings for our investigation posted on the website of the company we did the tour with.  If there are any other findings, I'll post them to the blog.  Until then, happy ghost hunting!!!

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Life Happens said...

Oh my, I would have been scared to death and crying along with Travis! Freaky.