Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beachin' 2010

Our entire family was super excited to go to the beach this year.  Not that we're not excited every year, it just seemed amped up a bit.  I think it was in part because Madison and Travis could hardly contain themselves when we talked about going.  Both talked for weeks about spending time at the beach together with cousins.

The Shorter family usually stays in North Myrtle Beach.  This year we were right next to the Cherry Grove Pier.  This picture was likely taken while sitting on the sand in front of our complex.  We were so close!

You'd never guess that Travie and Maddie enjoy spending time with each other!

This year wasn't a great one for castles.  Instead I believe we all made sand mounds and holes.  Travis called the holes bathtubs for Ian and Charlotte to sit and play in.

So Jess snuck this one in.  I nearly vomited in my mouth when I saw it.  Cute gesture, I just didn't realize they allow livestock on the beach!!!  Ugh!  Pictures in swimsuits don't lie!  I need to lose some weight!  At least I had some fun, right?

This was Brad's life for a week.  Body boarding and Skim boarding.  He was our beach bum!  He turned a couple shades darker and had a peeling nose by the end of the week.  Nearly every night he ended up sleeping through dinner because he had played a bit too hard during the day.

We hardly ever saw Jake, Wyatt and Brad.  They were always catching waves in the water and drifting down the beach.  Most of the time we just gave up looking for them and figured they'd walk back up the beach eventually.

3 Cousins

I couldn't leave the babies out!  Charlotte was so cute and LOVED the water and sand.  She could sit in the water all day if she was allowed.  And Ian always wanted to be where Grandpa (or as he says PaPa) was - whether it was hanging out on the beach or inside the condo.

It was surprising how hot it was.  Usually you have the hefty shore breeze, but it was a scorcher all week.  Our family spent the majority of our time outside in the water - which was luke warm!  I can't complain though - it was a great time!

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