Friday, October 29, 2010

The Costumes

The boys decided to all be pirates.  Travis and Brad decided to be dead pirates like on Pirates of the Carribean.  Most of the components of their costumes were from Salvation Army.  I had a lot of fun perusing the racks and getting my creative juices flowing.  I think I spent less than $20 on all 3 costumes.

 Travis was most proud of his boots.  Yes, they're girl boots that we found at the Salvation Army - but they were perfect for what we needed and exactly the right size.  And to top off the good fortune, they were only $4.  Gotta love it!  Oh yeah, and his blouse is a girl blouse too, but pirates wear girlie shirts!

 Wyatt wanted to be more like Jack Sparrow, hence the scarf on his head.  He ended up not wearing the boot covers.  They said one size fits all, but I think they must have meant adults!

And Brad is the scariest pirate of all.  I wish I was better at makeup, but the skeletal face turned out OK.

Ready to head out and get some candy!

I love the silly pictures of all 4 of them.  They had a good time.  The platform they are standing on is to the camp site next to us.  They used it as a stage.  Travis and Riley grooved and sang - it was quite cute!

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Smith Clan said...

Can I invite myself to read your blog? It is on Facebook. I was dying to see how your little pirates turned out. So funny! I LOVE these costumes. Feel free to check out my blog too.