Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have had the opportunity to earn some extra cash for the family by subbing in the same school system the boys are in.  So far I haven't worked in their school but have worked as a freshman English teacher at the high school and an aide for 5th grade at one of the elementary schools.  Next month I will be working as an ESL aide at the high school and also a special ed aide there.

I really enjoyed being aide for the 5th grade and could see myself doing that kind of work full time.  BUT it's not a well-paid job AT ALL!  I can't believe how little the aides are paid.  Does anyone know how much work they really do???  On Friday I had about a 15 minute break all day - and I was the sub!!!  I can't imagine what the normal aide must do.  Oh yeah, and the kids were only there 1/2 day, so the afternoon was about paperwork and stuff.  I would imagine a normal day is juggling helping in the classrooms as well as making millions of copies and such.  Crazy!

So what conclusion have I come to?  I will remain a sub.  I like the flexibility I have with it.  I can choose what days I'll work - especially when I'm called ahead of time by teachers.  I can't work for at least another year anyway.  Travis will be in 1/2 day kindergarten which doesn't work with a job.  So I still have a year to build my Scentsy business.  Maybe with the money I make from Scentsy and subbing here and there I won't have to get a "real" job!

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