Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pet Turtle

At the end of February our good friends Frank and Amber took a cruise to the Bahamas.  They said it was the most relaxing 3 days of their lives.  And while they were relaxing they went shopping in the markets on the island.  
Brad and Wyatt got t-shirts, I got jewelry, Jake got a necklace (and maybe a shirt???) and Travis got this turtle.

These fun little turtles are made out of coconut shells.  They are sanded down and then painted.  As you can see his was personalized. 
This little turtle has a string that if you pull it all the way out and place it on a surface, it will "walk" as the cord draws up underneath again.  Quite clever!!!

He even has a head and tail!

Travvie took his little friend to show and tell at school not long after he got him.  The other boys liked it a lot.

I'm hoping that next year Jake and I will be going with them so that we can bring back some fun gifts.  We're looking for some good deals, but it's hard to plan a trip when your broke! :(  

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