Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stages of Life

I was reading my sister Ginnie's sister's blog.  (Did that make sense?)  Actually Ginnie is my sis-in-law, but I  think of her as a sis, just like Jessica - since I didn't have any sisters.  But this isn't a post about sisters.  It's about Katie's post that then links to her friend's blog.  They both talk of the balance of life - especially with kids.  I recommend a quick read of their posts.

I have had my own thoughts on my children growing up lately.  A couple of weeks ago I had to register Travis for kindergarten.  One of the secretaries at the elementary school asked if I was sad that my baby was going to school.  I answered, "No.  It's a good thing!"  And I firmly believe it!

Let me explain...

I have had a couple of friends recently have babies.  And don't get me wrong, I love babies and their little feet and their smiles and coos, but I don't miss those days.  I have no problem handing my friends' babies back after a few minutes of cuddling.  Why?  Because I've paid my dues!  My boys were not easy babies.  In fact, life didn't really even resemble normalcy until they each reached a year old.  I remember people warning me that I won't like when they can walk because they'll get into everything.  Not so!  I was thrilled!  They were learning and growing and becoming more independent.

Now I don't want anyone thinking I'm not a sentimental person, because that's not true.  I love my boys and love looking back on their smaller days.  But I am excited for their futures!  I love that in the coming months life will be crazy because all 3 boys are in sports at the same time.  I love that Travis will be going to school in the fall!  I love that Brad and Wyatt don't mind staying home alone for a few minutes if I have to run to the store for a sec.  I love that I have to buy shoes and clothes to fit their growing bodies.  It's a good thing that they grow up!  And it's my job as a parent to teach them so that they grow up to be decent adults in this crazy world we live in.

I love my family - and that I have all boys.  We have lots of fun together - as well as screaming matches at times.  But the best part is that we're learning and growing each day!

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