Thursday, May 12, 2011

South Beach update

You can see by my ticker above that something must be working!  It was very difficult the first 2 weeks.  Detoxing from sugar was tough because I didn't want to give up Dr Pepper or all of the junk I was eating.  And it didn't help things when I could only eat eggs for breakfast.  Omelets were fine for a couple of days, but then it became disgusting!

The book stated how easy things would be after the first 2 weeks.  Ha!  I still struggled - especially at the checkout with all of the candy around and with Dr Peppers staring at me!  But I didn't give in (and I'm not quite sure why).

So now I'm in the middle of week 4.  I have lost 18 pounds.  Now mind you I didn't weigh myself just before the diet.  I actually weighed myself on a friends' scale that was said to be very accurate about 3 weeks prior.  The number wasn't pretty.  Now between that weighing episode and when I started the diet, there is NO WAY I lost any weight!!!  I was drinking at least 2, sometimes 3 bottles of DP a day and eating whatever I felt like - including fast food.  That is why I put my start weight as the same from the lovely day on the accurate scale.

It has gotten a lot easier.  I don't crave the junk much anymore.  I would LOVE to splurge on some ice cream, but will allow myself that pleasure on Memorial Day.  I have set aside that day to enjoy time with friends and good food.  I'll likely be sick the next day, but that will be a good motivator to stick with eating healthy. 


Teresa said...

Good for you! Congrats on the weight loss. When I gave up ice cream, my "personal health coach" (through work) suggested frozen yogurt. I turned my nose up at her suggestion but later bought a gallon of chocolate frozen yogurt from Kroger. It's amazing!!! Just a suggestion for you.

Life Happens said...

Oh my goodness! That's awesome! You are going to be smokin hot at the beach this summer. Good for you!