Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Spring VT Game

(this is not a photo from the scrimmage)

The Saturday before Easter was the Tech Spring scrimmage game.  Jake took Brad while the rest of us were in Lynchburg doing other Easter festivities.

Brad loved every second of it.  He wore his VT shorts and his VT jersey.  While they were on campus he also got a new cap.  So he was ready come game time.

Not only did Jake and Brad go, but also PawPaw Hambrick, Uncle Aaron, Danny & Kay and Hunter & Maria.  They had lots of fun!

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Kim said...

There's no place to comment on the ticker!! WOW!! Congratulations!! 15 lbs. GONE!! I'm starting the Dukan Diet today. I have to be on strictly protein for 5 days. It's doable though. Eggs, turkey bacon, fat free cottage cheese, lunch meats, ham, chicken, steak....and all I can eat! :o) We'll see.