Friday, August 12, 2011

Webelos Overnight

I have now completed my first Cub Twilight Camp.  Whew!  
It was very intense as we had some unexpected twists and turns that kept us on our feet.  Thank goodness for a great staff willing to jump in when necessary.  And I have to say that I'm grateful for all of the years that I did Girls Camp.  Had I not had those experiences to go on, I likely would have been VERY overwhelmed.  Don't get me wrong!  It wasn't easy, but I know this year was initiation.  Next year I'll know more what to expect.

This is our first year of adding a Webelos Overnighter at the end of camp.  Of course I was there to assist our fearless leader in any way I could.  Jake and Brad went also since Brad is a Webelos Scout now.  We had a campfire, snacks, slept in tents, cooked our breakfast and then did rotations to earn the Geologist Activity Badge.  It was a packed 12 hours!!!

 Here is one of the groups of boys and parents that watched the volcano demo.

 Brad's group listens as Mr Leatherman talks of the specifics about volcanoes.

Getting ready to set it off!  Too bad it didn't explode.  Instead it acted as a real volcano and slowly oozed lava everywhere.

It was great fun.  Now I must put my thinking cap on for ideas for next year.  It's an Olympic-type theme.  Want to change things up a bit.  We'll see what great stuff we can come up with!

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