Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonder Works

One of the coolest new attractions at Myrtle Beach is a place called Wonder Works.  
Yes, the picture is right-side-up. 

 The story goes that some scientists were working on some experiments when one went bad and flipped everything upside down.  But miraculously all of the exhibits stayed right-side up.  

Inside were all kinds of fun activities that involved science.  One exhibit was for the titanic and icebergs.  Another was with bikes and gravity and speed.  One of our faves was where you could try to strike out major league players and a gun calculated the speed of your pitch.  (Jake loved that one because he held the record for the fastest pitch of the day!)  All were really fun - and it was great for all 3 boys plus us adults.

 Here Travis and Brad demonstrate the pulley system.  There were 3 different set-ups.  One had 1 pulley, one had 2 pulleys and one had 3 pulleys.  You tried to pull yourself up with each one.  Of course the 3 pulley set up was the easiest.

 Jake tries out the bed of nails.  It was quite interesting because while you were lying there, you realized where you apply the most pressure in your body while at rest (because that area hurt after a few seconds on the nails).

 Wyatt was pretty successful in the bubble area.  It was fun (and slippery) to see how big the bubbles could get.

 Travis uses hand-eye coordination to try to grab different space objects.  This is much like the claw machines, you just don't get a prize in the end.

The space info was on the top floor.  The boys got to try out the space suit.

Each floor had a different group of activities.  We spent a good amount of time on each floor and really enjoyed our time there.  I would imagine we'll go back again some day.

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