Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Canes

I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of the things that are "commercial" about Christmas and see if there is a more spiritual side.  First we'll start with the Candy Cane (because I did a Family Home Evening lesson on it last week).

There are many different flavors and colors of candy canes, but let's take a look at the classic red and white one.

To begin we look at the shape of the candy cane.  Upright it reminds us of the shepherd's staff.  When we think of the shepherds we are reminded of the humble beginnings for our Savior.  And when you turn the cane upside down, it is the letter J - the first letter of Jesus.

The cane is made of hard candy to remind us of the rock.  Christ is the rock of our salvation if we allow Him to be.  A rock might also remind us of a foundation.  Christ is the foundation of our faith and should be the foundation of our lives.

There are 3 different stripes found on the candy cane; one is a solid red, another solid white and the last is a collection of 3 skinny stripes.  The solid red stripe reminds us of the blood that was shed for us.  Our Savior suffered that we might not have to if we allow him to take our burdens.  His atonement allows us to return to our Father in Heaven, which is the greatest gift we can ever ask for.  The solid white stripe reminds us of the purity of Christ.  He has been the only sinless human on the earth despite temptations.  He has offered us a wonderful and perfect example in the way we should live our lives.  And the 3 red stripes symbolize the stripes or scars that Christ bears for us.  A constant reminder the He loves us and died for us.

I don't know if the original candy cane maker created this confection with these symbols in mind, but they come together nonetheless.  I am grateful for the Savior in my life.  And I'm grateful for this time of year to celebrate his birth.

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