Monday, December 26, 2011

A little crafty...

I decided to try a craft I found on Pinterest.  

Here's how to do it:
Take your clear glass ball and squirt a little Mop & Glo in it.  Swish the Mop & Glo around to be sure to coat the ball and drain the excess cleaner.  Once it has quit dripping, put in some ultra fine glitter and swirl around until coated.  Dump out excess.

I cut out words on vinylwith my Cricut and then added ribbon.  I think they turned out quite cute.

I actually didn't use any ultra fine glitter because I had a bunch of embossing powders.  Because they embossing powders had a bit of sparkle, they worked just as well.


Life Happens said...

I saw this too and so wanted to try it! Did you use the glass ornaments or the plastic ones?? Very cute!

Shanan said...

I used glass. I read that the plastic didn't turn out as well.