Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Memorial Day Tournament

The week of Memorial Day concluded regular season baseball and kicked off the All Star season.

Brad made the "B" team again this year.  I have to admit that I'd rather he be on the B team as it's a little bit more laid back.  He's continuing to learn skills that help him on the field, but he also has a good time and doesn't feel the die-hard pressures that the A team can sometimes hold.

This tournament started out quite poorly.  Firstly we were to play on the worst field in the ball park (we know it's the worst because the tourney was held in Winchester on our normal fields).  We lost our 1st game.  I don't recall the score, but there was nothing special about the game.  Of course it was the first time the boys had played together as a team, so they were working out some kinks.

 Here the boys hare taking it easy between games. 

We went on to lose our 2nd game too.  It was on a better field, but it was just a bad game.
The team went on to play early Sunday morning.  At that point in the tourney if you lost you were done.  Brad doesn't play on Sundays, so at church Jake was getting updates from the team.  They won the 8:30am game and went on to play our A team later in the morning.  We didn't think they had any chance until we got a text saying that our little ol' team beat the A team.  It was unbelievable!!!  Our team went on to play again in the afternoon.  Of course all of our boys were worn out and our pitchers were having a hard time, but so was the other team.  Our boys went on to win again.

The championship game was to be played at 8pm.  A huge storm swooped in and caused the game to be postponed until Monday morning at 10am.  Was that a blessing so that Brad could play?  I dunno.  I wonder  if they had gone on to play Sunday night if the outcome would have been different though.

We played a good game on Monday.  Brad had an AWESOME hit into right field that got him a triple.  We ended up losing by a hair.  
The incredible thing was that our boys got so much farther than anyone ever thought they would.  As parents, we kind of thought they'd be done after that early game on Sunday morning.  The boys did really well coming together.

 Ronnie (one of the coaches from regular season) presented the boys and coaches with their trophies.

 I love this picture!!!

After the great game, one of the coaches offered to pay for the boys' pizza and drinks at a local pizza place.  We had a lot of fun celebrating and having a good time.

Way to go Rebels!

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