Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, July 20 - Day Two

We woke up to soggy earth but no rain.  
We made a breakfast of oatmeal and bacon - filling our bellies to prepare us for another day of work.  

Here's our awesome family, ready for another day of trekking.

As the company was assembling and ready to pull out of camp, the heavens opened again and it began to rain.  There was a steady rain nearly all day.  But a lot of our journey this day was through the woods.  It was pleasant despite a few challenging hills both up and down. 

Upon our arrival into our new base camp, we listened to a few more vignettes.  Again we were reminded of our pioneer ancestors and what they went through.  They're stories started to mean more as we could start to relate a little.

Once we got into camp, we set up our shelters and prepped our camping area.  One of our boys and a boy from another family worked together to get our joint fire going. (We decided to share campfire area with another family.  This gave us the opportunity to work together while we worked to serve our own families.)

At one point in the afternoon the youth and a parent were taken away from camp for games.  Each family was a team and they competed against the other families in the company.  Below are some of the games they played.  (I didn't get to participate because I was back at camp cutting veggies and prepping for dinner, but I think they all had a lot of fun.)
 hatchet throwing
team building exercises

We had a delicious dinner of Indian Fry Bread with honey and/or jelly, fresh churned butter and bison stew.  We ate heartily and everyone was happy.  After dinner we enjoyed a fireside where we heard from our stake presidency.  Afterward we enjoyed our peach cobbler, which the kids said was the best cobbler they'd ever had!!!  By the time we got everything cleaned up and put away, it began to rain again.  

After our experience of cramming together in our single shelter the night before, the boys and Pa decided to make 2 shelters - one for the girls, one for the boys.  When the rain began all of the kids piled in under the boys' tent to play games and talk.  Jake and I allowed them to play a while and then we had family prayer and went to our separate tents. 

Despite the constant rain all night - our Pa is awesome because our shelters were great and kept us dry - we all got some much-needed sleep!!!

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