Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Bear

I added writing to this picture to frame the little guy in the tree!

As we were walking back into camp after our hike, some folks told us there was a bear on the other end of the campground.  As we got closer to our site, we noticed a few rangers gathered under a tree.  The tree happened to be 2 sites down from ours.  So we sat in our chairs and watched the rangers get the bear from the tree.

At first they got out a gun to shoot and try to scare the little guy.  At first it didn't seem to phase him - probably because there were so many people on the ground looking at him.  Eventually he started to descend.  It was as though he were a child.  He'd slide down and stop to look around.  Then he'd slide some more.  Ends up he's about 2-years old, so it's no surprise he acted like a child.

After a bit he jumped down and ran through the woods.  The campground hosts said later in the day they were assisting the rangers to move a larger bear.  It was bear central!

After dinner we were sitting around our site and in walks a mother deer and her baby.  They looked a bit familiar.  We think it was the same 2 we saw on our hike.  They walked right through the back of our site.  It was pretty cool.

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