Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Our annual Pinewood Derby included 21 cars and then some additional fun ones.
The boys decided that since we were using the old track that doesn't have working electronics that we'd have no regulations.  Cars could be as heavy and as crazy as the boys wanted.  The races were for fun and there was no winner.  Instead boys, siblings and parents could vote on these 3 categories...

Best Looking
Best Overall

It was a lot of fun and I believe all of the boys had a really good time.

The first car on the left is Wyatt's car.  It was surprisingly fast and probably would have placed 4th if we'd been keeping track of those things.

Meet Perry the Platypus.  Travis made this car and colored it himself - with a marker.  Brad's is the "naked" car beside it.  He threw his together at the last minute.  

Here was a sampling of some of the "extra" racers.  These cars were included by past Cub Scouts, siblings and an adult or two.  And yes, there are 2 cars made of Legos.

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