Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

So birthdays are now just another day...  I remember Dad referring to them as so, but now I know what he meant all those years.  This year I got some fun stuff from friends and family.  Above is the snazzy new Heart Rate Monitor that Kim gave me.  I LOVE it!!!!!!  I know it may seem crazy, but I am so excited to know how many calories I burn at each workout.  I feel official now!

Jake got me a pair of Toms.  Mom & Dad got me 2 luxe covers for my purse.  (I'll include pictures later.)  Clif & Teresa sent me money, and I spent it on the bead you see above.  It represents the boys as it's called "Three Siblings".  
It was a good birthday!  I'm grateful for all of the love and well-wishes I received from everyone!

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