Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camping on the River

When Jake and I did Trek with the youth a couple of summers ago, we met Brother Stickley in the Front Royal ward.  He's such a cool guy and was on board with us camping on his property over the Labor Day weekend.  He has a farm and a really great piece of land.  The best part is that it's right on the river.  We really enjoyed spending time in the water.

 This looks down the river toward Bro Stickley's brother's land.
 I actually sat in a chair with my feet in the water while I prepared lessons for school.  It's one of the best ways I can think to work on school stuff.

 Jake's sporting the really nice rolled up shorts!!!
 Brad shows off the crawdad he caught.

Bro Stickley had canoes and kayaks that we definitely used for our recreation.  The water was calm enough that Travis could maneuver the kayak on his own, but had enough movement that we could drift downstream in a lazy manner.

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