Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm a teacher!

So I've had many people ask me if I love teaching.  Well love is a very strong word!  Do I enjoy the teaching part of teaching?  Yes.  Do I like most of my students as people?  Yes.  Are there some that I'd like to kick in the teeth?  Sure! 

Overall I enjoy the job.  Sure, there are frustrations that come along with it, like the students that are "too cool for school" and don't do a daggone thing.  Or the chronically absent students that make my life difficult to give them any type of grades!!!  And the extra paperwork that needs to be done can get a little crazy.  But actually teaching is great.  And I'm extremly fortunate that I only work every other day.  It gives me time to get planning done and prepare for my classes.  Plus I have plenty of time to grade papers and update my gradebook.  Now if the principal decides to make me full time next year, it will be a major adjustment! 

I have an excellent support network within the science department.  And my mentoring teacher is the best!  I couldn't work at a better school.  I'm so grateful that it was recommended that I apply for the job!

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Smith Clan said...

I've been dying to know how things have been going for you. I'm glad it has been a positive experience with the teachers and that you like teaching your material. Way to go! Keep up the good work.