Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Snow

I'm not going to lie, as a teacher I really didn't mind all of the snow this winter.  BUT the bitter cold was a bit undesirable.  Thankfully it's warming up and soon we'll be complaining of how hot it is.
Here is Jake's car after the big snow in February.  I don't remember how many days we were out of school for this one.  But we took advantage of time off and went to the Evans to play.

 Brad used the new plastic sled to hit the trails made in the Evan's back yard.
 Here he is again on one of the tubes.

 Jake gave pushes when he could.  And that orange disc was AWESOME!  You had no control, but you sure went fast.  Kinda reminded me of Clark Griswold.
So Pearson and Crowley came by with their snow boards.  Jake took a try just strapping the board to his boots (not using snowboarding boots).  He wasn't too shabby.

 And here's Travis going down on an unpredictable disc.
I think we were out for snow for 18 days total.  So we lost a few work days and Clarke County added 1 day to the end of the school year.  But apparently Frederick County has found places to make it up with through the last quarter.

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