Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The park has activities every day for the kids.  Some you have to pay extra for, and others are free.  One day the boys tie dyed shirts.  Another they went geocaching.
So geocaching isn't anything new...  All 3 have done it, or seen it done, at Cub Scout camp.  But this time they each got their own gps and got to play around with it to see how it all worked.
 Brad is searching for one of his caches.
 Travis got a little help from Jake at first, but seemed to catch on pretty quickly.

 And Wyatt was the fastest to get all 10 caches.
Brad has been obsessed with the whole thing since.  He's done research on caches in our area, different types of caches that people hide, and some of the history of it all.  That's all he would talk about for days after we got back.  I think we may have found an item that's desired enough to add to the Christmas list!

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