Monday, July 21, 2014

Hiking & Fishing

We went on a couple of hikes - one short one and another a bit longer.  The tree that the boys were sitting on was in the path of the horse trail.  We're still not sure how the horses got around it since I doubt many of them jumped over it.

 Here Jake teaches the boys what a Sassafras tree seedling looks like and shows them that you can chew on the roots and taste the sassafras.  The boys reminded Jake that you shouldn't pull plants if you're trying to Leave No Trace.  Of course I had to remind them that collecting rocks falls under the same rule if you're going to really follow the guidelines of Leave No Trace!!!
This is the view from the highest point we reached on our longer hike.  I like how the tree branches created a picture frame!

The boys are sitting on a rock beside a waterfall.  Unfortunately most waterfalls in Virginia in July aren't too amazing.  This was merely a trickle.  But I'm sure it was nice this spring after all of the snow and crazy rain we had!!!
The lake at Douthat is stocked regularly, but that doesn't make it any easier to catch anything.  So they established a place for younger children to fish so that they might have a better chance at getting something.  Both Travis and Wyatt were lucky enough to catch a couple of fish in the Kid Pond.
At one point Travis slipped on a rock and fell in the water.  He wasn't having very much fun until Jake pulled him over where they were standing and he started catching fish.

Brad was too old to fish at the Kid Pond, so he climbed the hillside next to the dam and sat on the wall to watch the others.
There is a "sweet spot" to the side of the lake where there are tons of larger fish, but NONE of them would bite.  People kept trying and trying, but I guess the fish were smarter than that.  So the only catches Jake made were small ones like the one in the photo above.  But at least he got something!

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