Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Travis' baptism

Travis' baptism was a little different than Brad and Wyatt's.  Since Youth Conference was going on in the Stake Center, we asked for permission to have him baptized in the river.  We got the OK and arranged with Brother Stickley to use his property.  The weather couldn't have been any better - not too hot, not too cold, and not raining!

Here is a shot of everyone in attendance.  It was an intimate meeting that was kept short and sweet.  Travis asked Johnathan Pearson to give the talk on baptism, and Jonathan Crowley to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Both were directed at Travis, simple and concluded with a simple testimony.

When we first arrived, there were many kayakers moving down the river.  Some were noisier than others.  During the opening prayer we could hear a bit of talking, and during Johnathan's talk on baptism, one of the kayakers caught a fish.  But when it was time for Travis and Jake to enter the water, it was calm and quiet - and it stayed that way until we were done.

Since Grandpa Shorter couldn't be there to be a witness, we asked Frank to stand in.  So PawPaw Hambrick and Frank stood by the river to have the best view.  The rest of us stood on the hillside looking down.

 This is my favorite picture, probably because they're holding hands and moving with great purpose.
Obviously we didn't take pictures of the actual prayer and submersion, but here they are climbing the hill again after Travis was washed clean.
Although there were few in attendance (because that is all that we wished), 2 of his best friends in primary were there to be with Travis.  On the left if Elijah who will be baptized later this fall.  And on the right is Jackson, who was baptized earlier in the year.
Nana Hambrick and Granny Myers made this Choose The Right towel for Travis.  It was perfect for the day since he didn't change after the baptism.  That's the beauty of doing it outside in the middle of July.

And here are the cousins.  We wish everyone could have been there but completely understand that it wasn't feasible.  But we're so glad Maddie, Ian and Kenzie could attend.  Maddie's baptism is coming up in October!!!
Nana & PawPaw Hambrick
It was a wonderful experience that none of us will easily forget. 
Thanks to all of those that were in attendance:
Bishop & Tanya Groll, with Elijah
Doug & Therese Golden
Erik & Jenny Nyholm, with Jackson, Wyatt and Anna
Rusty Stickley (it's his farm)
Jonathan Crowley
Johnathan Pearson
Frank & Amber Pearson
Clay & Jessica, with Maddie, Ian and Kenzie
Nana & PawPaw Hambrick

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