Friday, September 19, 2014

Judges Classic

The same day that I had my half marathon, Brad had his first big cross country meet of the season.  He had run in a regular season meet on Thursday before, but this was a huge meet that included all of the area middle schools.

The meet was held on the Kernstown Battlefield - which was nice and hilly.  It was the perfect day to run because it wasn't humid and it was cool.  The rain came and went, stopping in time for the race.

The girls race was first.  Our girls did a really good job and earned 2nd place overall.  And then it was time for the boys. 

 Here is Brad as he hauls buns down the huge hill they had just climbed.

 And here he is as he swoops up and around the crowd toward the finish. 

I really like to run from point to point to be able to cheer the kids on - not just Brad.  I love cross country because it's a sport where everyone cheers for everyone else.  There's a lot of good vibes at these meets.  So my friend Anna and I were running around taking pictures.  And I was able to be at the end right by the clock to take "photo finishes."

Brad came in 7th out of 81 runners.  By the time his foot hit the mat, his time read 11:46.  Now this course was not a true 2 miles, so it can be a bit misleading when comparing to other times and other courses.  But it was still an AWESOME time!!!

James Wood boys went on to earn 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th places.  Those finishes, plus the finishing times of the rest of the team led them to win 1st place overall - by a landslide.

So it was a really good day of running.  We should do it again sometime! (haha)

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