Monday, January 19, 2009

Gotta Get Out

OK, so despite the fact that everyone was sick, nobody could resist going outside to play for a few minutes. In order to help Jake out, I shoveled the driveway. Nana and PawPaw stopped by to drop some luggage off so they wouldn't have to worry with it at 5am tomorrow. (They decided to stay at a hotel tonight as not to get infected with the bug in our house.) We decided that since our driveway is SOOO steep, we needed some salt in order to get the vehicles out in the morning. So off to Lowes Jake went - I was a little jealous because I like to go there without kids and don't get to do it often!

Brad is always wanting to grow up faster than necessary. He immediately offered to shovel down near the garage for me. Thanks, Brad.

I think Wyatt just had fun making tracks everywhere. Oh yeah, and notice the new gloves? I got them at the end of the season last year, and this is the first time they could break them in.

Oh and we can't forget the little Trav-Man! As soon as he got up from his nap he was ready to put on his "boops" and go out to play.

It's so fun to have toys that can shovel snow too.

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shortino said...

You know... I haven't really played in the snow yet since we've been in Wisconsin. You can come have all of it, if you'd like. Maybe little buddy could go sledding sometime if it weren't so cold.