Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A day at the park...

It was another gorgeous day today. The temperatures hit 60 degrees and if the wind hadn't been blowing it would have been PERFECT!

Travis went to a puppet show with CeCe and Shane and then we all met up at the park.

Here's Travis sliding down the "Whee" as he calls it.

By the end of the day he had become Mr. Independent and didn't want any help doing the Big-Kid types of things. It made me a bit nervous, but he did alright.

Shane and Travis take a break.

Swinging was quite fun, but not nearly as fun as playing and running everywhere else.

Another move for Mr. Independent!

And to finish off the day at the park, we watched the ducks at the creek. Travis wanted to pet them, but they were smarter than that and always flew into the water when he got too close.


Shorter family said...

It looked like he was strapped into a roller coaster not a swing with that heavy duty harness! Maybe they had problems with kids falling out of swings in those parts :)

Shanan said...

It is a pretty massive swing. But then kids can't try to get out in mid-swing!