Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Galore

It's the time of year when I can use my crafty expertise to make fun little goody bags for teachers and those that I visit teach. Below are the bags of kisses that the boys gave to their teachers. I didn't let them take part in making these because I was selfish and wanted them to look superb.

Now I did let the boys each make their Valentines for their friends. We decided on Ring Pops this year. I love for the kids to give out candy or pencils or something. The reason is crazy, but it's because we never gave out the scratch-n-sniff cards or anything with bells and whistles when I was a kid. I'm sure it was because Valentine's Day was never a big deal in my family growing up. But because I can display my card making skills and such, I really like V-day now.

Here's Brad stamping his bugs on his cards to fold over and staple to the Ring Pops.
Wyatt made his own cards too. I even made some for Travis so he can take them to his little friends in nursery on Sunday. I realized that Travis has more little girl friends than boys in the process!!! I guess he's starting young to be a little Lady's Man!

And a closer shot of the toppers and then the candy with the toppers added. It was lots of fun. Brad and Wyatt like it when I have stamping projects for them. I guess I need to find other things that they can stamp, huh?


teresa said...

What a fun project! Boys (and Shanan) the treats and cards look great!!

Rebecka said...

You're like the coolest mom ever!