Friday, February 27, 2009

Family History

I love technology. I think it's great that my sisters (in-law) and I can keep everyone up to speed on our blogs. It's so nice to click on my friend Kim's blog to see what their family is doing. And all of this because we're all many miles away from each other. But I found another great perk that my blog brings to me...

I used to be a really great journal writer. In high school and the first year or two of college, I was very devoted to my journals. The majority of mine and Jake's relationship is recorded on paper! But then something happened! I got too busy playing with friends late at night - which is when I usually wrote. And then I got a job, and married, and started having kids. Life got too crazy. So unfortunately, there are a few years of my life that haven't been recorded.

Thankfully some genius came up with blogs and I learned about them. Now I can put pictures (which I take way more of now because I want to keep my blog updated!) and text together and have a record of my life again! And did you know that there is a publisher (Blurb) that is working on making blogspot compatible with their software so we can print our blogs in books? How great will that be? I can print my blog in yearly spurts and have a hard-bound copy of our family's life.

Now as much as I love blogs, I still love to scrapbook. And often times I scrap the same pictures that I may have featured on a post in the blog! But my scrapbooks allow me to get really creative and put little twists on things. The boys LOVE to look at the scrapbooks and see how they've grown or how different embellishments were used. It's great.

So I hope that I'm doing my part to keep a history of our family. Maybe generations from now will appreciate all of the time and effort (not that I mind) that I put into these memories!!!


teresa said...

LOVE the blog! It's one of the first things I check when I get to work every day!!

Tulsi said...

I love the blog for the keeping up with the family. I love that there are pictures. My married daughter keeps up with my blog to know what is going on at this house. She doesn't keep her's up so much. She will call and ask "Hey....I read this on the blog and what is going on?" Plus my mom can see it in Switzerland and doesn't call me every time she sees something on TV that worries her.