Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No allergies!

We hit another milestone in the journey to finding out what's going on with Wyatt's health. For years he's had trouble breathing through his nose and often resorts to snorting because he prefers nose breathing to mouth breathing. We've had him on Nasonex and Flonase, but I still believe that's what has created more of his headache issues than anything.

So since we knew his head was fine but that the CT scan showed enlarged sinuses, I made an appointment to go see a pediatric allergist. Dr Thai was awesome and very thorough. She immediately had her staff order a copy of the CT scan so she could take a look at it. She was concerned with the inflammation and has put Wyatt on a more gentle nasal spray as well as an antibiotic to hopefully take some of the swelling down. We've also been instructed to irrigate his nose twice daily - ha! We'll see if that flies!

After the poke tests for allergies, the results came back negative. Wyatt isn't allergic to anything!!! So our next step is to get an x-ray of his neck and head to see if it's the adenoids. If they're swollen, then Dr Thai is sending us to an ENT to get those things taken care of.

Poor Wyatt was a trooper. He wasn't expecting to be poked, but did fine despite the uncomfortable pricks. He has no idea what this irrigation stuff is going to entail, but I'm sure it'll be fun for all involved. And we have yet another hospital visit to take care of the x-rays. Luckily he's already done the CT scan, so this should be a walk in the park.


Kim said...

This may sound like a long shot, but have you ever taken him to a chiropractor?

Ginnie said...

Ew. The irrigation things feels good once it's done, but I always felt like I was choking... like the water solution was going to go down my throat. Good luck!