Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot on our family blog here. If you check out my crafty blog, you'll see that I've been doing tons there instead. Most of my time is spent either running the kids around here and there or crafting.

Well I'm going to Girls Camp again this summer - yippee!!! This year I'm over the 4th year girls (aka; Counselors in Training). We're doing an overnight canoe trip - and Jake's going with us. I'm so excited and a bit anxious since I have to take care of all of the food and other arrangements. Since we're canoeing and then pulling to the side of the river to camp, some of the trip is left up to chance and I can't plan it. That can get a little crazy!

So I need a notebook to jot things down in and I couldn't leave it plain. I used one of my cute camping themed stamp sets to embellish this little notebook.

The snout on the bear as well as the smore, sleeping bag and can of beans are all 3D. I wanted them to pop off the surface to give the scene more punch.

And of course I need a folder for all of the forms and papers I'll be dealing with. I titled it with my little Counselors in Training and embellished with a mosquito and can of spray. It was tons of fun and looks too cute - if I do say so myself!

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