Monday, March 2, 2009


Last week we were given the order to have a neck xray made to see what Wyatt's adenoids were doing. So this morning we set off to the hospital. It was kind of a hit or miss thing going to get this done because the outpatient radiology doesn't take appointments. We got lucky that we went early enough in the day that they weren't overflowing with patients.

Wyatt is in the back seat waiting to get to the hospital. Too bad all of this is old hat for him. Thankfully there were no tears on this trip!

The xray tech that helped us out today was named Brooke. She was awesome and talked a lot to Wyatt and not me. She made him feel at ease.

The procedure was so simple. He stood still and held his breath while she took the shot. No pain and no waiting! It was great.

Now it's just another waiting game as the hospital writes up the report and sends the xray to Dr Thai. If she sees anything worth scouting out, she'll call us and we'll then go see an ENT. Now to decide what ENT we want to go to!!!

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teresa said...

Wyatt...good job! The important question is "Did you still have to go to school that day?" From the bookbag in the picture, my guess would be YES...
Love you!!