Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home for a Turtle

Within hours of getting to Grammy and Grandpa's house, the 4-wheeler decided to conk out. So the boys had to find other ways to spend their time. On Friday they helped Grandpa mow the lawn - all 3 of them were on the mower with Grandpa!!! On Saturday they helped Grandpa split wood - Wyatt manned the valve while Brad helped Grandpa with the wood. On Sunday they played in the wooded area behind the house even though they were told not to due to ticks.

While in the woods, Brad and Wyatt found this poor tarpin that probably wishes it had been a rock instead. They even made the beautiful "house" above with scraps of wood and bark they found in the yard.

Unfortunately the turtle didn't want to stick around to be a pet. The boys put him in his home and went in the house for about an hour. When they went back out, they couldn't find the turtle. We think he snuck under the deck to avoid any more persecution!

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Angela said...

I don't like turtles very much. I'm glad it's okay though :)