Thursday, April 30, 2009

Salem Red Sox

Jake got some Salem Red Sox tickets from Bill for Saturday night. We knew it would be fun and that the boys would probably like it. It had been years since we went to a game - and back then it was the Salem Avalanche.

We may have gotten into the park for free, but we definitely spent our fair share on food!!! The boys got hotdogs, I got chili/cheese fries, we had 2 souvenier cups of Dr Pepper, an icecream cone, 2 SnoShack snow cones (that were HUGE), and I think that's it. It may have been kind of expensive, but that's part of the beauty of going to a game - the food!

Travis was afraid of the 2 Sox walking around as well as Mugsy and Misty (the 2 mascot dogs). Even though we were in the nosebleeds and the dogs were down at the dugouts, Travis still threw a fit and wanted to go home.


Ginnie said...

This looks like fun! I think we have a team in Madison, but we've never gone. Makes me miss the 4th of July with the Richmond Braves.

shortino said...

What Ginnie doesn't mention is that we go to Milwaukee for a Brewers game at least once a summer (for her, a few times for me). Good times.