Friday, May 1, 2009

Apple Blossom Parade

The annual Apple Blossom Festival is here. This whole weekend is set aside for parades, races, luncheons, concerts, etc. It's a fun time here in Winchester.

This year we had a few celebrities at the Fireman's parade. First is the biggest of all, Eric Estrada. Yes, it's Ponch from CHiPs! He was very personality was great and he was joking with the crowd.

The first celebrities we saw were the Budweiser Clydesdales (I don't know how to spell that) and the dalmation. One of the lead horses really got into groove of "marching".

Now for all of the American Idol fans out there, here is Bo Bice. Bucky Covington is also the feature artist this year, but he wasn't in the parade. Unfortunately Bo didn't look our way for me to get a pic of his face.

Ward Burton also appeared as the "Sports Rep" this year. Unfortunately by the time I realized who it was, he was too far for me to get a good picture.
And here's McGruff. I had to get a picture of him - and Travis didn't freak out when he saw him!

Another popular one is Smokey the Bear. Notice his 4-wheeler!!! He really knows how to get around the forests these days!

It was a lot of fun - as it is every year that we go. I have a feeling Brad and Wyatt won't last too many more years though. They started getting bored LONG before Travis did. Maybe Jake and I can go as a couple when the boys have outgrown it all!!!


Rebecka said...

You got some great pictures! Good job! Looks like you're professional photographer too!!

Shorter family said...

Maddie would have had a hay day! Whenever she hears a siren (which is a lot since we live minutes from 2 hospitals), she stops and says, "Helping people, wo woooo!"