Monday, April 6, 2009

Technology Today

So do you guys remember when there were only 3 channels (maybe 4) to watch on TV? Oh yeah, and there was no such thing as a remote either? And then there was the option of cable, but you still had to go to the TV to change the channel on the box.

One of our family's favorite shows to watch is America's Funniest Video. It's the one show that Travis will actually sit the entire time to watch. So lately I've DVRed some episodes so that when he's being a stinker I can play one for him to watch. Usually either I or one of the other boys will watch it with him and skip through the commercials.

Last night we were watching the show that came on at 7pm. All of us laughed and had a good time watching, but every commercial break made Travis cry. He would scream at us to go to the show. We finally realized that he thought we could always run through the commercials to get back to the show.

Jake and I just laughed and shook our heads because we remember times before there were even VCRs. Now we can record any and all of one show, we can pause live TV, we can rewind to hours before as long as the channel hasn't been changed... it's crazy.

Needless to say, our kids will one day think we grew up in the dark ages. I wonder what they'll think of their grandparents' time!!!???!!!


teresa said...

I remember a time when the remote was "misplaced" and Amy thought in horror that the TV was going to be stuck on that one channel FOREVER...never dawned on her that we could get up and switch the channel on the TV itself!

Travis, Heather, & Tyler said...

It's funny that you mention this, because Tyler is the same way! We TiVo The Backyardigans for him, and when he has a rare opportunity to watch it live, he is LIVID that he has to sit through commercials. Oh the humanity! :)
It's a wonder that we survived our own childhoods, huh? Haha....