Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls Camp Prep

This image about sums up my life lately.
I really love going to Girls Camp every year. My family has to really jump in and support me to take a week away from the norm, not to mention the hours of planning before we ever go. Thanks to our parents that are willing to watch the boys while Jake still works the week that I'm gone. And thanks to Jake for listening to me gripe and complain as I'm preparing for camp as well as going on the overnight 4th year adventure with me.

As much time as it takes, I really enjoy preparing for the events that are to occur at camp. Yes, I do get aggravated at some things, but that happens when I plan for nearly anything. I believe I was born a planner. It's fun to me - and it gives me satisfaction to have everything taken care of and scheduled.

This year I am the 4th year leader. I have 2 assistants because we have so many girls (about 20). This is the first year that our Stake is doing a big trip for our 4th year's adventure. In the past the girls have gone canoeing, but only as day trips. This year we are going to be on the river for 2 days. We will sleep under the stars and prepare our meals over the fire... it's going to be great - as long as it doesn't rain!

I have to say that the greatest part about camp is the people. I have been so lucky to work with other incredible women in the Stake. Thanks to this big event, I know many more people throughout the Stake that I probably would have never met under any other circumstances. And since we aren't really "roughing" it, it's really not bad to be gone for a week. I'd still do it even if we were "tenting" it, but it's awfully nice to have a bed to sleep on!

I'm glad the Stake asks me to help out every year. I hope I have many more years to go - especially since I'll never be able to go to Scout camp with my boys!

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Tulsi said...

You are so lucky to have girls. We have one Mia Maid (mine) and about 4 Beehives. In UTAH. Crazy.