Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is it Summer Yet?

It's Memorial Day weekend! Of course the official first day of summer isn't until June 20th, but to me, summer starts this weekend. Why? Well for one, the pools all open. Usually the weather is great and we spend time cooking out and spending many hours in the sun... all activities done in summer!

I decided to ask the boys what they think of when I say summer. Here are their answers...

Brad said, "Hot, the pool, the beach and apples."

Wyatt said, "The beach and the sun."

Travis said, "Swimming, doggies and keys."
(We're not quite sure what keys mean in this situation! We thought he might have been saying Keith's, but we're not sure!)

Getting ready to go swimming for the first time this season!

Travis and I went to Walmart to gather some necessary pool items; sunscreen, new goggles, new floaties, another towel, etc. Travis couldn't wait to try his goggles on.

Since Monday is a holiday and Jake usually has Mondays off anyway, he also got Friday off. He headed off to Keith and Lisa's (Keith is his "boss" at work) to help get the yard and pool ready for summer. The boys got out of school early, so once they got home we jumped in the van and headed over to swim.

The official Memorial Day festivities begin today. Jake took the youth to the temple for baptisms, but when he gets home, we'll head to Keith and Lisa's again for more swimming and a cookout. We're having Keith's famous ribs... yummy!

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teresa said...

Looks like a good time for all! Love those floats you and Jake were on!