Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Momma's got a new purse!

Lookie at my new purse!!!

Today Jake forgot his tie... he had to go to court for something for work. So I told him I'd drop it off to him and then head to the outlets. Normally I don't ever find what I'm looking for at the outlets. They're quite nice to have close by, and I usually find great deals on things for other people, but rarely do I find what I'm looking for.

Not today though! I went to the Old Navy outlet to find the pants I was looking at for regular price at the regular store (was just there yesterday) for 40% off. They also had their capris marked down 30%. I sure am glad the regular ON store didn't have my size in the khakis I wanted... I was meant to save money by going to the outlet today.

I decided while I was there, I'd see if Geoffrey Beene was still in business because Jake desperately needs new white shirts. No such luck! But I did go into Wilsons Leather... thought I'd look at their purses because they had a really cute window display of the latest bags. In the back of the store was the awesome bag I got. It was usually $70, but I got it for $18. It's exactly the size and shape that I was looking for too. I've been looking here and there, but haven't found anything I liked. The yellow really pops and the zebra makes a statement. I love it!


teresa said...

Love the are SO lucky to be so close to the outlets...sounds like they truly have good outlet prices!

shortino said...

and the bag matches everything! heh heh