Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Brothers

Our house can get kind of wild and crazy with 3 boys. Especially since Brad is usually picking on everyone. He can't seem to NOT instigate trouble among his brothers. Most picking leads to fights and yelling and screaming and hitting.

Not only is there the pestering, but there is a bit of competition between boys. Brad is always trying to be the best while pointing out the faults of his brothers. It's quite annoying for a parent to have to deal with it since it often leads to more fighting among the boys.

(Myrtle Beach, 2008)

(Harrisonburg farm, 2008)


Brad and Wyatt have been buddies for a long time. Although they fight, they get along well too - like in Sacrament meeting when they're supposed to be quiet. Or ganging up on me when they know they're both in trouble!!!


Sometimes I wonder if Brad and Wyatt's bit of sibling rivalry stops when they step out of the house. I got my answer the other day.

I got a phone call from the substitute school nurse letting me know that Wyatt had busted his lip. Not long after that call, I got a call from Mrs. Hersey (the kindergarten aid in Wyatt's class). She wanted to let me know of the situation. Of course since Wyatt freaks out when he gets hurt, one of the teachers recommended going to get Brad. That teacher found Brad and told him what had happened. Brad's response was, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."

It brought a tear to my eye when Mrs Hersey told me that. Brad really does love Wyatt. He really wants to take care of him. Despite all of the yelling and fighting, he really does like having a younger brother.

(Myrtle Beach, summer 2005)

(Harper's Ferry WV, 2004)

(at Grandma and Grandpa's 2005)

(Myrtle Beach 2007)


Ginnie said...

I love this post. Reminds me so much of Katie and me when we were young. She picked on me and was so bossy, but if anyone said anything bad about me, she would totally stick up for me and yell at them!

Now we chat every day. We still need our space when we're together-- can't spend every waking moment with someone-- but we're so close. Hopefully that's how the boys will be, too.

Cute pics!

shortino said...

did "taking care of everything" involve giving wyatt another bloody lip? heh heh